Welcome to Health Education Media

(a division of The Health Education Production Company Pty Ltd)

60% of adult Australians have a less than adequate understanding of health information.

Change is essential. 

We support the improvement of health literacy by challenging the dominance of print media, recognising we all learn differently and have varied wants and needs when we access health information.

 Producing educational resources, eLearning modules, videos and programs to enhance the learning experience for community members and their health care professionals is the outcome.

Our training seminars for improved awareness of consumer needs in health communication, complete our communication package.

Being aware of the problem, respectful of individual learning needs and health issues, taking positive action to provide a variety of resources to generate an impact.


Consulting, researching, developing and creating innovative learning to support improved health literacy - that’s what we do to create an impact.

information for everyone


improve health literacy


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